Kramer Herzog
Director / Producer




S. Kramer Herzog's Eye of the Storm takes a harshly real view of the media and the circus that it can create. The documentary was shot during the hours leading up to the 2005 execution of Crips founder Stanley "Tookie" Williams at San Quentin State Prison.

"It's not the type of film where you walk away feeling good. You have to think about both sides back and forth," said Herzog, a resident of San Quentin Village.

Leonrd Marcel Co - Producer / Editor on" Eye of the Storm"
founded San Pedro Studios on the San Francisco bay
located at Loch Lomond Marnia in San Rafael CA.

Marcel recently teamed up with Kramer to complete his documentary feature film curently in production "Slip of Dreams" , shooting in San Francisco, New Orleans and The San Juan Islands.


Leonard Marcel
Co - Producer / Editor